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Side Sleeping Really works!

Lateral sleep (sleeping on your side) can be an effective, non-invasive treatment for snoring and positional sleep apnoea. By sleeping on your side you prevent your tongue and the fleshy tissue in the roof of your mouth (uvula) from falling backwards and narrowing your airway. That harsh snoring sound is a result of this soft tissue vibrating as you breathe.

The TGA approved Rematee Sleep Positioner is a simple, comfortable and inexpensive device that encourages the wearer to sleep exclusively on their side, without waking up throughout the night. It can also be used on its own to treat simple snoring, mild to moderate position-related Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) or in addition to Oral and CPAP therapy.

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Reduce the risk of Still birth

Recent Australian studies by Dr Adrienne Gordon from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital have shown that there is a link between sleeping on your back during pregnancy and stillbirth. The study of 295 mothers found stillbirth to be 6 times more likely for those sleeping on their back compared to side sleepers.

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"I've treated patients by correcting their sleeping position. Maintaining a lateral sleeping position using a Rematee Bumper Belt can often provide a great amount of relief."
Dr. A Hoffman

"The first night my husband wore the REM-A-TEE Bumper T-shirt, I woke up & was shocked to see him sleeping on his side, totally quietly & perfectly still...Both of us are able to enjoy a restful sleep. It’s good for him, good for me, and great for us.”
Jenny K, Queensland

Snoring Facts

  • Snoring happens when the muscles at the back of the throat and tongue relax, causing the tongue to drop back and the airway to narrow.
  • 60% of all snorers snore more heavily whilst sleeping on their back.
  • Snoring affects about 30% of people over 30 and 40% in middle age.

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