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  • Anti-Snore Shirt - FREE Shipping
    $110.00 Choose Options Anti-Snore Shirt - FREE Shipping
    Choice of over 1,700 Sleep Specialists Available in multiple sizes TGA registered and DVA approved The t-shirt comes with inflatable bumpers that are inserted into specially designed pouches in the back which will...
  • Bumper belt & shoulder straps
    $135.00 Choose Options Bumper belt & shoulder straps
    Purchase a Bumper belt with shouler straps #1 Choice of over 1,700 Sleep Doctors, Cardiologists, Neurologists and Sleep Dentists. The Bumper belt system works on the basis of providing gentle resistance as you begin to...
  • Shoulder Straps
    $37.00 Shoulder Straps
    Recommended Accessory Shoulder Straps enhances your Bumper Belt! Prevents the belt from slipping Prevents the belt from turning Allows you to wear the belt very loose (much more comfortable) Soft & Comfortable...
  • One piece of carved deluxe-grade foam ergonomically designed to support hips and legs and encourage side-sleeping
    $69.00 Side Sleeper Leg Support
    Maintains the spine's natural curvature and minimises twisting of the back during sleep One piece or carved deluxe-grade foam ergonomically angled at 29 degrees to fit snugly between the thighs Follows natural form of...
  • Inflatable Bumpers (set of 3)
    $20.00 Choose Options Inflatable Bumpers (set of 3)
    Designed to fit a Bumper Belt and/or Anti Snore Shirt **Please note, the antisnore shirt will require a set of Inflatable Bumpers with purchase A new highly durable and lightweight inflatable bumper (tested to 300lbs per...
  • Deluxe adjustable memory foam neck pillow
    $73.00 Complete Sleeprrr - Adjustable memory foam pillow
    Compete Sleeprrr Plus - Adjustable Memory Foam Neck Pillow Supportive and comfortable Memory foam responds to your body's warmth and moulds and shapes to your head and neck Encourages the natural alignment of your spine...
  • Extension strap adds another 40cms to your Bumper Belt.
Useful for extending an XL size Bumper Belt to an XXL
    $12.00 Extension Strap
    Extend your bumper belt by up to 40cm. Converts size XL to XXL.